Monday, January 26, 2009

Les Petits Gestes

It seems since starting my patisserie classes, many people have been giving me little gifts in acknowledgement of my adventures. I never expected this but it is delighting me to no end.

I made off like a bandit when visiting family at Christmas, returning to Geneva with a suitcase bulging with kitchen loot. My siblings gave me all sorts of gadgets, some electrical, some gimmicky, and even a couple inexplicable ones - all of which are intended to recognize and enable my recent pursuits in the culinary world.

Some of these gifts included salt & pepper shakers, a kitchen rug and wall clock from Susan – all with the classic, fat & mustachoed chef theme. (I’m still working hard on my facial epilation, but otherwise these are a spitting image of me at school…tee hee)

Then from Jeanne, I got a round hatbox (again with the classic chef illustration) containing all sorts of kitchen doo-dads. This included, amongst other things, a one-handed chopping contraption, a mysterious battery-powered scrub brush, a zesting blade, and some wonderful oven mitts containing neoprene. The mitts are not technically professional kitchen gear, but they are meeting the requirement of handling super hot (and quite heavy) baking sheets at school. Plus they fit neatly into my cuisine kit without any added bulk. Excellent!

The stuffed toys looking like Ratatouille and the Pillsbury Dough Boy which I got from Debra are adorning my desk at work and bringing me smiles.

From work colleagues, there have been other acknowledgements. Nadia gave me lovely perfume with a Paris name. And the latest trinket from Design colleague Caroline is an adorable key chain which looks like a mini whisk! Apparently all my stories about the extreme sport of whisking in Paris were remembered during December’s Design presentation.

Each day that I see or use these items I remember you all. So thanks for thinking of me. You didn’t need to buy these gifts, but I am grateful and enjoying them.

Please, just don’t ask me to make an Italian Meringue with that keychain!!! :-)

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